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Visa application

For entering Benin a visa is required. If you want a visa please send the following papers by registered mail to:
Consulaat van Benin, Benoordenhoutseweg 23, 2596 BA, Den Haag, Nederland (Pays-Bas)

1. Application form, in duplicate. Please answer all questions in French and sign in duplicate.
You can print the Application form from this website.
If so desired, we will send a copy, in duplicate, when you contact us by phone or email.

2. Your passport. It needs to be valid for at least six months from the day of commencement of the visa. In the passport there have to be two blank pages available facing each other.

3. Two indentical and recent passport photographs. Please attach them on to the Application form.

4. Confirmation by your travel agent of your flight schedule, in duplicate.

5. International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever. Vaccination against Yellow Fever is obligatory.
See Vaccinatieboekje.
The duration of validity of this vaccination extends for a period of ten years. The proof of vaccination for Yellow Fever is considered valid starting from the 10th day after the administration of the vaccine, which means that this vaccination must be obtained at the latest ten days before departure. For further information about vaccinations you can consult KLM Travel Clinic,

6. Two copies of a letter of guarantee (in French) by your employer if your purpose of stay is for business.

7. Visa costs: € 70,- per person per visa in cash, or € 100,- if you need a 'visa expresse'. Payment can also be by transfer to accountnumber NL32 ABNA 0581667565 in the name of Consulaat Benin - Den Haag.

8. A so called Aangetekend-zegel, or the equivalent value in stamps and a self-addressed envelope for returning your passport and vaccination booklet by registered mail.

Please send your documents by registered mail to:
Consulaat van Benin, Benoordenhoutseweg 23, 2596 BA, Den Haag, Nederland (Pays-Bas)

In general your application will be handled in 5 working days. It is possible that the office is closed. Please check whether your visa application can be honoured in time by contacting the consulate before sending your application form to the office.

For further information about Benin you can consult:
The Embassy of Benin in Belgium,
The official website for tourism in Benin,
The Dutch Embassy in Benin, E-mail: , Telephone (+229)21300439.

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